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Practice languages

We believe that language learning should be hands-on. When learners physically touch, feel, smell, taste, interact, engage, share, when they make language learning a real part of living, that is when our learning takes off. In this way, when we participate in a cooking lesson, we are doing more than merely repeating vocabulary words, we are creating the context to retain and remember more.

  • Easy to follow online lessons
  • Taught by experienced native speakers in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Chinese Mandarin
  • Learning while doing will help you remember

Learn to cook delicious food

We do our very best to use authentic, traditional recipes to convey the cultural significance of the recipes. Our recipes allow room for substitutions and exceptions, and prepared in the way modern members of the culture can relate. The goal here in knowing these time-honored food traditions is to frame up a first time conversation between neighbors hopefully the beginning of life long friendships.

  • Meals are authentically taught by natives
  • Download PDF lesson kits including recipe cards and grocery lists
  • All meals can be cooked by beginner cooks and master chefs

Learn About Many Cultures

We know it is impossible to separate language, food, and culture. They are all interrelated. In order to appreciate the cultural side of cooking better, we use an approach created by David A. Victor called LESCANT, an acronym that represents seven areas where differences come into play when interacting with other cultures: Language, Environment, Social Organization, Context, Authority, Non-Verbal Communication, and Time.

  • Videos by native speakers
  • Stories behind the recipes
  • Dinner table discussion questions
  • Learning while doing will help you remember

Cook. Speak. Eat. Learn.