Cooking Up A New Way To Learn A Language!

Cross borders and boundaries with the whole family by learning another language through your taste buds. Our innovative lessons combine delicious recipes with family-friendly language education. Let’s cook!

Family-Friendly Online Cooking Courses

Learning to cook has never been more fun. At Cooking Up Cultures, you’ll learn about new cultures and languages through unique and delicious cuisine. Our online cooking courses are suitable for all levels of proficiency, and are perfect for the entire family. Start your cooking education by simply choosing a dish, or choosing a language:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Mandarin
  • Arabic

Share your new recipes from around the world with your friends and neighbors, and help us spread the flavors of diversity.

How it Works

Sample Recipes

Tortilla Española

Made from pantry staples, potatoes and onions, this dish is a comfort food to all Spaniards. It can be easily served on the side or as the main course.

Spring Pancakes

Try this ancient Chinese version of a taco! Fresh, crunchy veggies with thinly sliced ham rolled in a paper thin pancake.


Somewhere between salt & vinegar chips and classic pot roast, this recipe is a family favorite that will inspire new conversations.

Why Families Like You Love Us

We made Spring Pancakes and my kids loved it! They loved to videos and learning some Chinese. In fact, my 5 year old now tells people she speaks Chinese.

Sandy Grant

Business Owner, Wife, Mom of 2

The relaxing atmosphere makes me more comfortable to practice speaking [English] with people.

Hwan Choi

Chemical Engineer, Husband, and Father

I love that now I think in Spanish when I cook!

Annie Freeman

Pastor, Wife