A new season is knocking on our doors and by now for most families school is in full swing (sniff…sniff…yes those are my tears bidding the sweet summer days farewell until next year!).  A new school year can bring new opportunities to have the best school year yet, and we want to help your meal time planning and school year routine become easy breezy!

Food is Fuel…and every kiddo (and grown up) needs to stay fueled up as calendars start to fill up.  Here are some ways you can make sure even with full schedules, everyone has fully bellies too!

Tortilla Española on a plate surrounded by fresh cut tomatoesPreparing grab and go breakfasts the night before gives you that extra few minutes in the morning.  Our Tortilla Española, with its combination of eggs, potatoes, and veggies, would make a delicious and filling breakfast to eat on the go!

Try cooking up a batch of our hearty Meatloaf and make it a double by making one batch for dinner  and cooking the second batch in muffin tins to pack up for lunch the next day!

Speaking of doubling up dinner meals, a slow cooker is the universal time saver for busy homes, so double up our Fattah recipe to enjoy as an easy dinner and set aside the rest for the next day….and let’s
face it stew in any language always tastes twice as delicious as leftovers.  Yum!

“Don’t put off tomorrow what can be done today.”  In other words….procrastination can be a major roadblock to keeping things moving with already busy schedules.  Getting your crew into the habit of setting out clothes and loading up backpacks the night before can be a major time saver in the mornings. Finding a night time routine and sticking to it not only helps your kids develop healthy habits and learn to become organized, it will also help make your evenings and mornings go smoothly as well.

Rest and Repeat…It can always be a challenge settling back into a routine after the relaxing days ofFattah on a white plate summer, but just because school is back in session doesn’t mean we need to be on non-stop go time from sun up to sundown.  Setting aside time each night to unwind together with your family or friends is an important investment into yourself and the lives of those who truly matter.  Enjoying a good book….engaging in a fun game…getting out in nature…or having a great time in the kitchen to try out one of our many Cooking Up Cultures lessons and exploring a new recipe, culture, and language can be a fantastic way to connect with the relationships and people who matter most.  Rest is a key ingredient in the recipe of life!

While starting a school year can feel a little overwhelming as we look over our schedules, learning to take charge of our schedules without our schedules taking charge of us can help achieve healthy balance in our lives and more importantly help us maintain connection with the people and priorities in our lives.

All of us at Cooking Up Cultures are sending well wishes for a fantastic school year for all of you and your families!!