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Getting Started

A Quick Start Guide to Cooking Up Cultures

Follow these steps:

  1. Sign up / login then choose your language from the Language tab or if you are not studying a specific language search by picture through the Course Catalog.
  2. Next is the really fun part – choose a recipe!
  3. Print off the downloadable Lesson Worksheet. It is two pages and we recommend printing front and back if your printer has that capability.
  4. Watch the videos. There are two video galleries below the Lesson Worksheet. The first tells you the story behind the recipe and the other gallery has the beginner vocabulary to watch and match to your Lesson Worksheet. They are both quick video galleries! You can practice writing on your new language on the lesson worksheet.
  5. Cook the recipe and practice your new words with your family & friends!
  6. Sit down and eat together! Talk through the dinner discussion questions listed on your lesson worksheet.

Come back for more!