Pumpkins are notorious throughout the states as the unofficial start of all things fall.  From the customary “first” pumpkin spice latte to every other imaginable spin on foods to incorporate the humble pumpkin’s presence, we find this orange squash enjoying the spotlight.  While you may be familiar with the traditional ways in which pumpkins are incorporated into American cuisine, let me introduce you to some of the unique ways pumpkins are incorporated into America’s neighbor to the south, Mexico!

Roasted Pepitas (pumpkin seeds) are a delicious snack enjoyed throughout Mexico and many other Latin cultures.  Many of those in Mexico can often be found snacking on roasted pepitas as a tasty grab-and-go snack or while relaxing with friends as a bar snack.  One of the often forgotten edible parts of the pumpkin plant is the blossom of the pumpkin.  A unique and tasty dish that is iconic to Mexican culture is the pumpkin flower quesadilla!  While it does require a little bit of a hunt to find the pumpkin blossoms, it will be well worth the effort to enjoy this wonderful dish!  Another great way to incorporate pumpkin into your fall menu is a new spin on our traditional empanada recipe, but substituting out the filling with a delicious pumpkin filling!  The pumpkin season goes by very quickly, but when it is pumpkin time…the pumpkin definitely steals the show!  We’d love to know how you incorporate pumpkin into your fall feasting.  We hope you have a wonderful fall season!

Interested in trying some of the foods mentioned above?  Click below to enjoy these recipes this fall!

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