Like food? Want to learn the business of food?

New Course Available @ Eanes ISD Westlake High School


Learn About Food Entrepreneurship

How would you like to be a food entrepreneur? What does it take? You’ll learn the ins and outs of the entire food ecosystem and experience some amazing opportunities like:

  • Create a food startup
  • Launch a pop-up restaurant
  • Learn from seasoned food entrepreneurs



Learn All Aspects of Food Ecosystem

Eanes Epicure Academy is a year long course where you will learn about the entire food ecosystem and earn school credit at the same time. You’ll learn about agribusiness, sustainability practices, supply chain, foodtech, cooking skills, and what it takes to be a food entrepreneur. Some of the topics you will have hands on experience with are:

  • Hydroponics gardening
  • Molecular gastronomy
  • the latest in Autonomous Ag



Learn About Many Cultures

Each topic we cover across the food ecosystem features a culture that practices it well or has a big opportunity for you to step in and create a solution as a food entrepreneur. You’ll explore your own immigrant traditions and migration impacts some of our now favorite foods. Cooking for health and wellness is a tradition in many different cultures and you’ll pick up skills to cook and care for yourself.

  • Weekly guest speakers
  • Learn about food economics in other countries
  • Learn to cook foods from 14 different cultures



Listen To SXSW Food Panel

Listen in on the future of food education according to the experts.

  • Eanes Independent School District Superintendent, Dr.Tom Leonard
  • Food entrepreneur and humanitarian, Foo Swasdee
  • Future of food from zero waste expert, Dr. Marc Demarest


Did we mention you get to eat? There will be a lot of that.