My youngest just turned 7 and in the moment we were singing “Happy Birthday to You” I was watching what felt like a time-lapse video…she was JUST a baby. And now she is 7?! I have so much to teach her before she leaves the house as a young adult heading off to build her own independent life. For the next few days I worried about all this and began to create a list in my head of all the things she would need to know before flying the coop one day. The “little” list grew pretty fast and included things like: cook for herself, fix a flat tire, ask for a raise, wash her own laundry, create a budget and stick to it, drive a stick shift, hang a picture straight, read a compass…. You get the idea. Parents- mom’s especially- are pretty great at making lists and freaking out about them.

During one of my moments in shock of how quickly time has gone by, I was trying to figure out what I should teach her now. Like as soon as possible. I cook every night for the family, so the “cook for herself” box was definitely going to be the easiest to check off first.

Since pouring a bowl of cereal doesn’t count as feeding oneself I got to thinking about what is age appropriate to do all on her own. I arrived at eggs. That’s super easy, right? There’s the classic scrambled and boiled or heck, she might feel a runny poached one some day, so I figured I’d better teach her those to start with. So, here it was, my lesson plan of scrambled, boiled and poached eggs to check off on the long list of creating a self sufficient child. I’m happy to report that boiled was a raving success! Scrambled was….edible. And poached, um well, we’d better try that again in a few more years.

Later, I was wondering what other moms around the world put on the list for their kids to achieve self-sufficiency and would they put scrambled, boiled and poached eggs on their list too? I asked our awesome Cooking Up Cultures Chefs (all moms) and here is what they shared with me:

Vita, Cooking Up Chinese:
Soy sauce egg
It’s simple and easy. Great recipe for beginners. All my kids learned this one from me.


Raquel, Cooking Up Spanish:
French Omelette (Tortilla Francesa)
In Spain, we use olive oil instead of butter and sometimes we add sweet ham and cheese
I’m looking forward to teaching my little girl this recipe,but first she has to learn how to walk


Amy, Cooking Up Arabic
Scrambled Eggs
My dad taught me this recipe when I was about 8 or 9 years old and I taught my boys when they were about that age, too.


Anne, Cooking Up French
Spritz Cookies
I learned these from my mom at a very young age. She is half Swedish, so these were always a part of our family Christmas tradition. And guess what…they have eggs in them!