The Chinese culture is as broad and diverse as the country is big. In fact big is a good description of the scale at which things operate in China. It is reported that 14.1% of the world’s population speaks Mandarin and is the official language of three Chinese territories: Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Like many countries, Mandarin is not the only language spoken in China, but it is the “official” language of the government. The culture is traditionally centered on community. There is no such phrase in China of a “self made man” as it is the foundation of this community ethos that is practised and thoughtfully taken into consideration for every decision.

In the world of food, it is interesting to know that the landscapes are widely different due to the expanse of the territory. There are deserts, mountains, beaches, plains, and islands which harvest all kinds of foods. You will get to explore some of the diversity of foods in these lessons.

Interesting food fact, due to the current structure of government, the agricultural community in China is made up of small family businesses rather than large conglomerates of agricultural giants, resulting in foods produced and eaten within the local community.


The story behind this recipe will make you want to try this! Not to mention, it’s probably one of the most beautiful baked desserts EVER!

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Scrambled Tomato & Egg

Can’t go wrong with tomatoes & eggs, but bet you’ve never tried them like this before! It’s a super quick and delicious meal! Sure to make it to your regular repertoire.

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Pork Buns

Handheld little treasures! This is the traditional recipe with pork, but you can fill these buns with all kinds of goodies both sweet and savory.

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Old Beijing Noodles

Eating this pork belly based dish is so delicious! And bonus – you feel a tad less guilty about it because of all the fresh vegetables that go with it.

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Spring Rolls

A Chinese New Year favorite. These little vegetarian spring rolls will go quick! Wrap ‘um up with your friends and family, assembly line style.

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