Become an Instructor

Share your Culture, Eat Good Food, and Make International Friends.

What you will do:

Create and send us an audio file, easily recorded on your mobile phone, of a recipe from your native culture that you want to share with the world. The recording should tell us about the recipe and its history – why it is important to your culture. This recording should be no longer than 3 minutes long. Also send with your audio file a copy of the recipe and it’s source, photo of yourself and a brief biography (60 words or less).

  1. Create and send audio file about a recipe from your culture (no longer than 3 minutes)
  2. Send copy of the recipe and the source
  3. Send a photo of yourself
  4. Send a brief biography (60 words or less)

What happens next:

We will notify you that we have received your files and then the Cooking Up Cultures Executive Team will review and make a determination. Please allow 7-10 business days for us to determine if and when we will be able to add your content to the website. If we can add your content we will send you an agreement to sign which outlines payment and use of the information you share. After this we will set up a time for a conference call where we can discuss the recipe in depth with our Art Director so we can prepare and photograph the recipe as culturally appropriate. We will send a final draft of the lesson to you to review before publishing. And of course we will send you a Cooking Up Cultures t-shirt, apron, and spoon in addition to pre-printed promotion cards with discounts so you can share with your friends locally when your lesson publishes!


Payment is structured on your lessons’ unique views as a percent to total views. We will payout quarterly based on your unique-view-percent at 20% of net income.


Submit your documents to [email protected]