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Arabic is an evolution from the ancient language of Aramaic and made its first recorded document in 512 AD. It does bear similarities to the ancient Aramaic language, but is decidedly different and much more widely spoken. It is interesting to note that though closely associated with Islam, the Arabic language actually predates it.

The Middle East and North Africa are the traditional homes to the Arabic language. Officially it is the state language in 25 countries and spoken by 420 million people all over the world. Here in the USA, Arabic is the fastest growing foreign language and the 7th most common language in households. Of course there are unique dialects in each country and region and a modern version and a liturgical / classical version. The Egyptian dialect tends to be the most commonly understood version across the Arab region due to the film and music production powerhouses of Cairo and Alexandria. The long standing trend setters of the region. Through Cooking Up Arabic you’ll enjoy learning the ancient history and the present connections of each recipe you prepare.