Tortilla Española

Made from pantry staples, potatoes and onions, this dish is a comfort food to all Spaniards. It can be easily served on the side or as the main course.

Language: Spanish

Duration: 50 minutes

Step 1.

Tortilla Española (beginner)

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Raquel Ramirez Cevera

Raquel Ramirez Cevera

Cooking Up Spanish Instructor

Raquel Ramirez’s native Spanish culture has undeniably shaped her passion for food and cooking. Her extensive traveling abroad and in the States, has without a doubt, helped discover a whole world of flavors that she often tries to recreate at home, while listening to some music. This together with 10 years working in international education and cultural interpretation plus 6 years in corporate sales and marketing demonstrate Raquel’s role as a vital member of the Cooking Up Cultures team. In her spare time Raquel is teaching her dog, Paco, English.